Making Alabama exhibit departs Lawrence County

The Making Alabama Traveling exhibit was housed in Moulton for three weeks in July and moves on to Fort Payne this month. The exhibit attracted at least 782 visitors during its stay.

The Making Alabama Bicentennial Traveling Exhibit left for Fort Payne Monday afternoon after three weeks of exhibition in Lawrence County at Moulton Middle School gym.

The temporary museum attracted at least 782 visitors while it resided in the county, Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Craig Johnston said.

“We probably had more because some visitors did not sign the register each day,” Johnston said. “The exhibit was very well attended while it was here.”

Each of the state’s 67 counties will have hosted the traveling exhibit by December this year, according to the Making Alabama website. Each county is encouraged to incorporate displays and contributions that make the exhibit unique to their community.

Johnston said the county received ample praise from the Making Alabama staff and coordinators as Lawrence County presented the most expanded version of the exhibit the state has seen so far.

Chamber Administrative Assistant Brenda Suski said 25 volunteers staffed the exhibit during its stay in Moulton.

“That doesn’t include the people who helped clean and set up,” she added.

“We would like to thank everyone who participated in presenting the Bicentennial Exhibit - from our volunteer painters and clean up team, exhibit presenters and creators, our leadership team, and most especially our visitors who enjoyed this great display of heritage and history of the great State of Alabama and Lawrence County,” said Johnston.

Mayor Roger Weatherwax, Johnston, and a team of helpers helped pack the exhibit away before it left for Fort Payne, Johnston said. 

More information and a travel schedule for the exhibit can be found at

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