Courtland Library receives local author's books

Courtland Library was the recent recipient of 45 children’s books by a local author thanks to the donation made by Courtland resident Dana Charles. The author of the Alabama Roots series, Alice Evans, is pictured above with Mayor Linda Peebles, to the left, and Librarian Sherry Hampton, center. 

Courtland Public Library received a donation of 45 books earlier this month after local resident Dana Charles, who also serves as the Lawrence County History and Preservation Society, was recently introduced to a series of children’s books that detail the lives of prominent Alabamian figures.

Alice Evans, the author of the 45-book series, said she was delighted to hear Charles was interested in donating her books to the local library. 

“This library is a wonderful source for the community that needs to be utilized more,” she said. “Dana is a great lover of history, and I think we all felt this would draw some well-deserved attention to the Courtland Library and hopefully attract young readers as well.”

Each book details the lives of historic Alabama figures—like former Gov. Guy Hunt, legendary football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, and Alabama’s Miss America Heather Whitestone—particularly their young lives leading up to their significant accomplishments. 

Evans said she feels the books are stories many children can relate to, and the subject matter varies so greatly it isn’t hard to find a book that suits the reader’s interest both young and old. 

Mayor Linda Peebles said she and Librarian Sherry Hampton are also grateful for the contribution.

“I’m sure our community and our students will benefit from the donations,” she said. “We are very appreciative and proud to add to the library’s collection.”

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