The spread of Covid-19, or the Coronavirus, has rattled the United States as the country has been put on semi lockdown. Businesses and schools have closed, restaurants have been forced to just take-out and people have been told to practice “social distancing.” 

While it’s unknown how long we will have to keep up these new precautions, local towns and communities are doing everything they can to adhere to the guidelines set by the Government and CDC and so on, while at the same time trying to still carry on with life as normally as possible. 

The town of Courtland has undergone the same amount of changes that most local communities have gone through and this will help those locally know what those changes are. 

The library in Courtland is officially closed until further notice, as is the McCarley Center located on the square of downtown Courtland. Meetings usually take place at the center at least once a week. Any meetings there have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. A’s Cafe is also adhering to the guidelines handed down by the state government as their dining room has been closed. The restaurant is still taking walk in orders and call in orders for takeout. Citizens are encouraged to order as much from their local restaurants as possible in an effort to help them through this period of down business. 

Other places of business in Courtland including, government offices remain open in Courtland. The town post office remains open with no restrictions. City Hall remains open, but with a one-person limit. The Hall can allow at this time just one outside citizen in at a time. However, while there are no online payments, residents of Courtland can make payments over the phone to city hall. There is also a drive thru window that will allow any citizens to make payments, and there is also a drop box that payments can be delivered. 

Any person that recently received a ticket in the area can take driving school through an online class offered by the town.

As of right now, the monthly meeting of the Courtland City Council is still set to take place on April 13. It will be an important meeting as the council will be meeting with the auditor.  

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