Alabama is at risk of losing a congressional seat this year if the state does not receive more response to the 2020 Census. Not only are we at risk of losing one voice in congress, the state is also at risk of losing millions in federal funds for programs that benefit our schools, roads, hospitals, and other community development programs and projects.

As of Monday, the Census Bureau reported a 60 percent self-response rate for Alabama citizens. In Lawrence County, census data showed 63 percent of county residents had responded at that time.

Moulton and Town Creek continued to lead the county in response rates, with Moulton 66.8 percent of Moulton residents responding so far, and in Town Creek, 66.3 percent of residents have responded.

Our county still needs to boost its response rate, especially in the northern districts. As of Monday, Hillsboro reported a 57.6 percent response rate, 51 percent of Courtland’s residents have responded, and in North Courtland, 48.6 percent of residents have responded.

Census workers resumed their field operations earlier this month, which means if you haven’t already responded, you can expect a reminder to do so in person. We have until October, when the census response period concludes, to get our numbers up. Not only does it benefit the state, but our county also depends on the population count to receive federal funding.

It takes just a few minutes, and can even be completed from a smartphone or tablet. If you haven’t already, visit the 2020 Census website to do your part for Lawrence County and for Alabama.

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