Pankey to hold public meeting


In the Lawrence County Commission’s regular meeting on Friday, District 3 Commissioner Kyle Pankey announced his intention to hold a community meeting in his district on Monday, Feb. 25. 

Pankey said the meeting, which is open to all Lawrence County citizens, will welcome questions and public comments as well as inform residents on county happenings and future plans. 

The meeting will take place at New Antioch Church of Christ on County Road 217 at 6 p.m. and include guest speakers Senator Garlan Gudger and Representative Proncey Robertson.

“One of my campaign promises was to be more transparent,” Pankey said. The new commissioner, who has frequently expressed a concern to clean up commission property, suggested the commission set up quarterly inspections for buildings owned by the county. 

“The old annex has some old records and old furniture that we should dispose of,” he said. “Some of the records have outlived their use and can be destroyed. Let’s take the furniture out of inventory and get the building cleaned out.”

District 5 Commissioner Joey Hargrove said the commission should retrieve estimates from companies that offer shredding services so they are able to properly dispose of old documents still being stored in the old annex. 

County Administrator Heather Dyar said some documents may have to be sent to Montgomery, but that she would try to coordinate a day to assess cleanup efforts and organize old files and furniture that would need to be moved out of inventory. 

In other business, the commission also approved the sale of surplus property including two maintenance trucks, an animal control vehicle, five computer monitors and a printer, all to be listed on

The commission also approved a resolution supporting an increase in the state’s gasoline and diesel fuel taxes, which will be presented to the state legislature in March. 

“The gas tax will be beneficial to all of us in the long run,” said District 4 Commissioner Bobby Burch.

He said the tax had not been changed since 1992. 

“This would ensure our county will receive more money for our roads—one of our biggest problems,” District 5 Commissioner Joey Hargrove said. “It’s hard to keep up with county roads when paving resources and materials have all gone up.”

County Engineer also told the commission that the road department has received a competitive grant in the amount of $42,000, which will be used to install guardrails on Mallard Creek Road and County Road 205. The County will match the grant with approximately $5,000 for the two projects. 

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