The 16-year-old Moulton girl who was reported missing on Oct. 28 was reunited with her family Monday morning, a week after her disappearance, according to Moulton Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter.

Peyton Bryleigh Ledlow was reported missing last Monday afternoon following reports of a Morgan County inmate, 30-year-old John Kaleb Gillespie, who escaped from the jail the night before.

Ledlow and Gillespie were both located in Hoover early today.

Authorities believed the two might be traveling together after finding evidence that they knew each other through social media. McWhorter feared Ledlow might be in danger given Gillespie’s past experience in eluding law enforcement.

When a missing person’s report was filed with Moulton Police Department last week, authorities released that Ledlow was most likely traveling in a 2008 Ford Fusion.  McWhorter said he received a call from Hoover Police around 5:30 a.m., stating that the car had been located and Ledlow was in custody.

He said at that time, Gillespie still had not been apprehended, though he received a second call about 15 minutes later and was told Gillespie had been caught.

According to reports, the vehicle with Ledlow and Gillespie was seen in a Hampton Inn parking lot around 5 a.m. During a police pursuit, the car spun out at Exit 1 on Interstate 459. Ledlow and Gillespie fled on foot before authorities caught up to them.

McWhorter said Ledlow sustained no injuries during the incident.

“I arranged for (Hoover) to hold her until we could pick her up,” he said. The police chief escorted her family to Jefferson County to bring her home.

“I think it’s as good an outcome as we could expect,” McWhorter said. “She’s safe.”

Gillespie was jailed in Morgan County in November of 2018 on charges of drug trafficking and violating Alabama sex offender laws. He was arrested in Decatur that month after attempting to run over a state trooper with his car and eluding Moulton Police.

Court records show Gillespie pleaded guilty to two charges of statutory rape in Morgan County in October of 2009.

McWhorter said Gillespie faces no additional charges from Moulton, but the investigation is ongoing.

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