What does it mean to be a good citizen? When we think of a good citizen, we should think of someone who contributes to their community. Someone who regards the needs of others as much or maybe even more than they think of their own. 

Though one award was handed out to a very deserving individual this week for her contributions to her community and for the way she actively seeks to help others, Lawrence County is full of giving, selfless hearts. There are great community leaders in our area who do not necessarily seek the role of leadership, but they contribute silently or subtly from the sidelines or in the background. 

They take pride in their county and strive for the betterment of all the individuals that comprise it. Being a good citizen isn’t necessarily about the people who achieved the most. The ones with the best grades or the most prestigious positions. Honorary citizens are the ones we pass on the street everyday who greet everyone with a smile and ask, “How are you?” and are genuinely interested in the reply. 

These people seek their recognition in seeing the comfort and well-being of those less-fortunate than themselves. They pride themselves on how well their community is thriving, because it is never about the individual for them. Lawrence County is full of such great citizens ready and willing to extend a helping hand. In working together for the good of all, we thank each of our community’s honorary citizens who continue to make Lawrence County a great place to be. 

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