Why do we need solar farms? I thought our appliances were more energy efficient than ever.  I thought our homes are being built to Energy Star standards?  I thought our carbon footprint was the lowest it has been in decades.  In fact it has reduced over 70% since 1970.  So why more solar farms?  Is it to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels for energy?  Then why do we have hydro power in our back yard?  Nuclear power just next door?  Why does TVA need to rape the land of North Alabama and replace our timber and crop land with sterile solar (dare I say farms and conjure up the visual of vast landscape with beautiful crops growing to feel and supply Americans) spaces surrounded by fences.  Why can’t TVA use retired landfills? Why can’t they use brown land like Champion papermill or hilly land that is not suitable for row crops? The farmer has to suffer!   

Do you know it takes fossil fuels to build solar farms?  Who would want to move to Lawrence County now, when all they see for thousands of acres is reflecting metal structures surrounded by hundreds of miles of security fence. It is surely the cartoon version of “Welcome to Lawrence County - No farms here only solar panels”!    

The facts and reality of Solar. . . It is expensive and subsidized by our gov’t. Where does the gov’t get the dollars for subsidies? That’s right . . . more taxes! Our electric bills will be HIGHER not lower if solar hits us! We pay for it, yet Solar energy is more expensive, requires a large foot print and each farm has a life of only 20 years. 

Then where do all those solar panels go? How does that impact the environment? By the way, did you know that the top four builders of commercial solar panels are all from China. Yes, let’s support America - not with solar!

Sharon Coffey


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