I have spent most of my life living in Lawrence County. I have gone to school here, married here, worked here and retired here. Over the years, I have heard and seen what others have said about our county and our people. My answer to their snide comments and innuendo is a recent experience. Certainly not the only reason why I am proud to live here, but one small example.

My wife and I have just returned from Lawrence County Health Department where we received our second vaccination for the COVID-19 virus. One has only to run on the television or pick up a newspaper to see the confusion, frustration and even anger exhibited in other locales as the country battles this virus. Let me tell you our experience as it developed.

When we were told that the vaccine was available for our age group, we called and made an appointment. On the day and time appointed, we went to a spacious, spotlessly clean facility with ample space and ample parking. We were met by volunteers who walked us through the paperwork. We were then administered the vaccine, kept long enough to see that there were no adverse side-effects, and dismissed with an appointment for the second shot. Total time was probably less than one-half hour.

The same scenerio was repeated for the second shot except that there were noticeably more volunteers. Volunteers were young and old, students and retirees. They all had one thing in common, they were: efficient, courteous, professional and respectful. I’m sure that they would have preferred another activity on a raw February day. They cared about their friends and neighbors and it showed.

So I am back to my main premise. When others make disparaging comments about our county, just smile sweetly and say “if you only knew.”

Jack Burch


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