While Black Friday may feel a little different this year as many shops and businesses opt for a month-long sales event or choose to offer online shopping deals Thanksgiving week, one tradition introduced in recent years should not go overlooked. 

Whether you decide to shop virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or if you do choose to peruse the shops on Black Friday and brave a small crowd, remember our locally owned businesses next weekend. 

There are many reasons to shop local, not just on this shopping holiday, but every time you decide to make a purchase. Local business owners are our neighbors and friends. Money spent at a small business helps support the families of those familiar faces we see greeting us at the door or filling our shopping bag. It doesn’t further line the pockets of big corporations. 

By supporting your small local businesses, you are also helping your cities, towns and communities grow. By shopping local, you’re ensuring the sales tax dollars are going towards the roads, schools and public services right here in our hometown. 

Small businesses also provide more personal customer service. They are able to give their shoppers the time and attention many big businesses and corporations cannot, or maybe they lack the small town connection to do so.

Small businesses are a great contributor to diversity in the small American towns we live in. Just as unique individuals comprise our communities, local businesses like hair salons, antique and craft stores, furniture stores, local eateries and others also provide their individual touch to the towns they serve.

These are just a few great reasons to support and encourage small business owners in our communities. They help our economic system thrive while providing quality service and products that fit our needs with a personal flair you’re not likely to get anywhere else.

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