As many of our Lawrence County teachers are being recognized for their hard work and dedication this week, it is important to remember to appreciate that work throughout the year. Teachers work tirelessly inside the classroom and out, often spending their own money on classroom supplies and projects for their students. The work, countless hours preparing lessons, planning activities, grading papers and so much more.

Teachers cultivate our children’s minds and sometimes even serve as a child’s most significant influence, friend or mentor. We all likely recall at least one teacher from our own school days who helped shape us into the adults we are today--whether it was instilling within us an easy to remember rhyme for a difficult math solution or grammatical rule, or even when a teacher helped motivate us to tap into our full potential or pursue a talent we weren’t confident enough to share.

Teachers spend many hours with our children getting to know them inside their classrooms at least seven hours a day, five days a week. They are basically a second set of caregivers to our children. Though they have them for only a few months a year, the next year bringing along a new set of children, they are likely impacting their lives in ways that may leave a lasting impression.

Most of our teachers have said that their greatest reward is watching a child flourish and succeed. They pour their heart and souls into their work for the moment when they can look at even one pupil and see the positive change they brought to that child’s life.

Teachers help turn bright young minds into doctors, engineers, writers, lawyers, machinists, artists and so much more. Our teachers in Lawrence County deserve our thanks and recognition every day. Thank you to all the teachers who have helped mold the next generation of free thinkers.

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