For months now I have been tirelessly fighting the battle of equal employment rights for African American educators and those within the industry of education in Lawrence County to have fair and equal treatment when it comes to the hiring practices of the Lawrence County School System.          

I’ve attended board meetings, scheduled meetings with the Lawrence County BOE Superintendent, and made pleas and phone calls to the members of the Lawrence County BOE. Yet, I have been treated as a fly in a room full of flyswatters - missing, but still swinging, treated like a pest. 

I reached out to the local chapter of the NAACP and I was told, and I quote - “The local chapter of the NAACP stated that there was some improvement on the hiring practices of the LCBOE.” However, I contend that there has not been any improvement in this area, and I can prove it with the statistics given

to me by the LCBOE. I question, what evidence was the local NAACP shown to make them think that improvements have been made? I also spoke with the statewide level of the NAACP and was told that communication has been had with the local chapter. So the NAACP has been alerted to this uncultivated situation on two levels. Now I (we) wait.

My question to the citizens of Lawrence County is, why are there not any African-Americans in the central office? The only conclusion that I could come up with is that the current administration does not care!  

The second part of my question is where are the great leaders of the NAACP of Lawrence County, who are aware of the problem that we are facing in the Lawrence County School System, as it relates to the low number of teachers and staff personnel? 

Calvin Lee


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