March usually marks a season of new beginnings as spring moves in and winter fades away. This sunny period of warmer weather and fresh new greenery sprouting across the Tennessee Valley also usually prompts some spring cleaning. While many of us take this opportunity to clean out our closets to get ready for the summer months, volunteers across North Alabama see this as an opportunity to clean up their communities. 

Each year around March and April, Alabama launches it People Against Litter campaign, also known as ALPALS. In recent years, Lawrence County officials and non-profit groups like the Lawrence County History and Preservation Society, as well as local churches, have gotten on board by hosting cleanup efforts and workdays across the county. 

You can help spruce up the community in your own way as well. Start by clearing your own neighborhood of litter, or make an effort to prevent excess waste or litter in your own household. Small efforts like these make a huge difference for the county and for your local community. Not only does a clean environment help attract more business and tourism, but it creates safer spaces for all those who live and work in the area.

Spring is the perfect time to clean up. The weather is wonderful this time of year before the summer heat becomes too unbearable, and right now with continued COVID-19 gathering restrictions, a workday in your neighborhood could be the perfect project to get the family involved while practicing safe social distancing. With Spring Break coming up for local students, use the opportunity to teach your child the importance of keeping the environment clean. Get involved in a little community spring cleaning this year or even start your own cleanup in the neighborhood.

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