Lawrence County deputies took to Facebook this week to participate in what’s being called the “Git Up Challenge” that’s sweeping the internet from other participants across the nation. 

While their video is likely to increase your urge to two-step--or mostly just giggle--the post also serves as a reminder to grasp those little moments of joy wherever they can be found. 

In a world where mental health is becoming an ever-present topic, it can be argued that there is something to the “all work” adage we’re familiar with. 

In a Rotary meeting a few weeks ago, Chief Deputy Tim Sandlin discussed high suicide rates among law enforcement officers. It’s true that members of law enforcement and emergency responders see the worst side of humanity on a weekly (maybe even daily) basis, but  any work environment that is consistently mundane or offers few opportunities for positive reinforcement can become taxing on one’s mental health. 

Finding time for joy and self-care should become as much a priority as crunching the numbers, working towards that big promotion or helping your employer’s company succeed. Take Googleplex and Google’s successful attempts to foster creativity in the work space. Perhaps someone on the corporate level recognized a basic human need for positive and social interaction.

Whatever Google’s reasons for including an adult-like playground in their employees’ workspace, studies have shown that workers who make time for fun are more productive and efficient at their jobs.

Of course we’re not condoning the neglect of one’s duties, but companies and employers who strive to improve the quality of life for their employees are to be commended and regarded as an example for others across the country. For those of us heading back to the grind again each day, remember to take time to laugh a little while on the job and “whistle while you work.”

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