As 2019 comes to a close and we reflect on the year’s events, many of us may resolve to take steps toward an even better 2020.

New Years resolutions have been a thing of tradition for perhaps as long as the calendar event has been celebrated. Many of us make resolutions each January to lose more weight or live healthier lifestyles in the new year. Some of us resolve to be more frugal and save more money.

While we each aspire towards our own improvements, whether we want to look great and feel better, another great way to start off the new year is to consider the ways we can build better character. 

Adopt the resolution to take on a positive outlook for most every situation you may be faced with in the next year. A strong moral character starts with a great attitude. If you believe the best, you can be your best.

Be of service to your peers this year. You don’t always have to volunteer your time or donate your money to make a positive impact in your community, but it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of ways you can contribute. Offering a smile and warm greeting every where you go is an act of service in itself. Assist someone struggling with a door or a heavy arm load when you meet them on the street or outside a grocery store. There are a million ways to offer a helping hand each year.

Finally, make the resolution to self-evaluate at the end of each day, month or week in 2020. Make reflection a regular part of your routine to ensure you are working towards the best version of yourself you can be. Change starts with one person deciding to make the difference. In 2020, that change could start with you. 

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