This week one of our commissioners hosted a community meeting in his district and allowed time for public questions and concerns to be addressed. During this meeting, a senator representing our county urged his constituents to call him with questions and concerns, especially pertaining to bills that are likely to meet the Senate this year that might affect our corner of Alabama. 

Meetings like the one that occurred Monday night are such a vital aspect of our democracy, and opportunities like those are the reason our checks and balance system works—or fails. Let your voice be heard. Especially when you’ve been given an invitation to do so.

Public meetings are a way to bring together many diverse opinions and perspectives. Though you think you may have little to say or contribute, by simply attending one of these meetings, you are better equipped to understand what is going on in your neck of the woods. 

Meetings like the one held this week offer our community awareness, they provide an avenue for continued discussion and debate concerning the governing of our county, and they help build stronger relationships between local residents and their elected officials.

Whether you agree or disagree with a particular topic that’s been laid upon the table, by coming together and meeting with other members of the community you’ve assisted in taking the first step towards ensuring our government is operating in the way it is supposed to.

By attending these community meetings, you bring a perspective and a voice that is uniquely your own. You have a chance to be heard. You have a chance to make a difference where it counts—close to home. When given opportunities like these, take them. Even if you do not speak out, by simply attending you have introduced yourself and become familiar with the people who continue to make decisions four our county each day. By working together, meeting and discussing, we are taking steps towards the betterment of our living and working space. 

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