It’s the first of the year, but we’re approaching midwinter. As we’ve seen in the past week, in Alabama, that could mean days of sunny cool weather and nights that drop below freezing. It’s a good idea to take the right steps to shield yourself and your property from the damaging effects the weather can bring with it.

Getting back in the swing of things after the holidays can be overwhelming and leaves little time to think about prepping for freezing temperatures, but it is important to remember to take those steps because failing to do so could be costly. 

And let’s face it, most Alabamians don’t handle cold weather well. We tend to either over prepare—those milk and bread hoarders at the grocery store are no laughing matter—or we fail to prepare at all when the temperatures begin dipping below the 20s. 

The odds of a blizzard in Alabama are low, but the odds of your pipes freezing and bursting are much higher. Be sure that pipes are insulated and consider running the water on a slow drip to protect against freezing. Also, don’t forget about your vehicles. Make sure they are topped off with antifreeze and give their engines enough time to warm to avoid damage. Keeping an ice scraper handy is a good idea in case your windows frost. Be cautious of ice on the roads.

Finally, dressing in layers is a good insurance policy against Alabama’s shifty winter weather because all too often days that were supposed to be frigid end up being warm and vice versa. Layers are useful so that you can remove or add articles of clothing throughout the day depending on conditions. As temperatures continue to drop, prepare yourself and your home for the coldest days ahead.

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