One of the most basic freedoms we as Americans have is our right to vote.

If you think about it, there are not that many countries in the world where the people of that country elect their leaders in a free and clear election.

Many people in other countries would do almost anything to be able to participate in a democratic voting process. However, most Americans take this basic freedom for granted.

Most people living in this country do not register to vote, and of those that do, less than half actually cast ballots in elections.

Many people have complained about the two choices that stand before us for president. However, if more people had exercised their right to vote, perhaps those would not be the choices.

As has been stated many times, if you don’t vote, then you don’t have the right to complain about the politicians who are elected into office.

The ballot in Lawrence County includes not only the governor races and statewide amendments, but also several local races that will be very important for the future of our county.

Citizens will be deciding on the next probate judge, state house representative, coroner, sheriff, county commissioners and BOE member.

All of these positions are critical to the success of our county. As in many counties, Lawrence County is facing some financial challenges, and  strong leaders will be needed to steer the ship through any choppy financial waters.

No matter who you support in any of the races, get out on Tuesday, November 6 and make your voice count. Be sure to head to the polls and take part in the most basic freedom you have as an American.

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