As Lawrence County begins cracking down on a countywide littering problem, specifically littering and dumping trash around community dumpsters in each district, we should be mindful that maintaining a clean living space is everyone’s responsibility. 

It’s simple. Don’t litter. 

On the state level, Alabama litter crews gathered more than 113 tons of roadside litter in Tuscaloosa, recently reported. The state’s cost to cleanup litter has reached $6.8 million statewide in 2019, according to the reports. 

In Lawrence County, commissioners recently said it cost about $309,140 to provide a free dumpster service to citizens, some of whom are abusing the program. 

Many of these dumpsters are constantly overflowing. When the dumpster is filled to its brim, violators of the dumpster regulations have unlawfully discarded their trash and waste on the ground beside the dumpster. Dumpster divers not only worsen the problem by knocking trash out onto the ground, but also pose several health hazards to themselves.

In hopes to maintain the free service for Lawrence citizens, commissioners’ resolution to see heavier policing of dumpster sites will also see violators stuck with stricter punishments for their transgressions. Statewide, in fact, Alabama has recently passed legislation that straps litterbugs with fines up to $3,000 and threatens them with possible jail time of up to six months. 

In light of all the county officials and state legislators are doing to clean up Alabama, discarding our trash properly is the least we as citizens can do. If a dumpster is full, drive to the next nearest location or wait to throw your trash out another day. Do not throw trash or plastic out of a car window, and do your part to keep our roads and public spaces clean. It’s our responsibility.

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