Because September is National Honey Month, why not explore all the exciting recipes that incorporate local honey?! Honey is a natural, low-calorie sweetener, so many may be thrilled to find out that substituting it for regular sugar in your coffee each morning might help in trimming the waistline some. 

Although honey is naturally sweet, it can be added to many recipes without altering the flavor too drastically. It’s a great way to pair sweet and spicy dishes, like barbecued chicken or any recipe including chili peppers. It can even be used to balance out more bitter flavors in collard greens or on a salad. 

Honey is also great for the common cold. While it won’t cure the cold, warm tea with honey helps soothe sore throat symptoms and two teaspoons at bedtime work as an effective and natural cough suppressant.

It is a common belief that locally grown honey is also great for people with seasonal allergies. The science behind the theory stems from the fact that bees pollinate plants like ragweed and buckwheat. This pollination process is used to make the honey that is later ingested, which then also introduces the body to allergens and pathogens found in the local ecosystem. In essence—eating local honey helps prepare your body to fight common allergens.

Buying local honey will also help support your local beekeepers, who work hard each year collecting honey and tending the bees. 

These beekeepers help encourage the migration of honeybees into the area, which also helps gardeners pollinate their flowers and vegetables. It’s a great practice for the environment and it’s a great way to boost the local economy.

This September, remember your local beekeepers and thank them for the positive impact their hobbies—and even some of their livelihoods—are bringing to the local communities in Lawrence County.

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