March is almost over; Spring Break is almost here! This Spring Break, we encourage parents to get their child outside. Let them explore and use their imagination as they play. 

Too often, kids stay cooped up watching television, playing their PS4 or Xbox, or they have their head stuck in their cellphones. It’s best to set daily limits on screen time anyway, but especially during the school break.

Make sure your child isn’t backsliding while they are out of class. Encouraging them to get out and play keeps them small just a little longer, but it also helps to broaden their minds and learn in ways they can’t when they’re gaming or tweeting. 

Let them be kids and let them play in the mud. Help them to appreciate nature over the break. Teach them something new about trees or wildlife in a fun way. Just exploring your own backyard can open up countless possibilities. 

Not only will outdoor play facilitate higher learning and creativity, it also helps to ensure your child is staying fit. Children who are forced to trudge outdoors in their youth are more likely to be active as adults. 

Get your child moving. Play a game of basketball in the spirit of March Madness. Enjoy a good, old fashioned game of cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians. If you have pets, let your child take the dog out for a walk. 

The benefits of getting outside with your child strongly outweigh the convenience of allowing the phone or the TV to babysit your child during the day. Take this opportunity to get moving, explore yours and your child’s creativity and learn something over Spring Break. Enjoy the fun exercise, the long lost sunshine, and most of all, enjoy play with each other. 

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