She’s there pouring milk into your cereal bowl each morning as you grumble to the table not wanting to wake for the day. She was up the night before folding your laundry or picking up your toys.

She’s the voice on the other line as you try to remember to check in at least once a week. She’s the party planner, the caterer and the cleanup crew for all your family’s gatherings.

She’s a referee for you and your siblings; the judge, jury and executor when you’re a guilty party. She’s the soft kiss on a scraped knee — the shoulder when you need a space to cry and the ear when you need someone to listen.

She’s your mother.

Though we take for granted the smallest things she does each day, whether we’re two or 53. She’s there for every milestone you reach. She’s there every single time you need her to be.

Your mother often operates behind the scenes, not caring for the spotlight. She’s there to make sure everything’s in its place. She’s the seam that holds our loved ones together.

Though she’d perform each one of her tasks again each day without hopes of gratitude or acknowledgment--yes, she loves you that much--Mother’s Day exists just so she gets her recognition at least once every year.

Don’t let this one pass by without expressing to your mother just what she means to you. Consider all the ways she’s been there for you over the years. Make her day as special as she truly is to you.

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