Although many of us remain hunkered down at home, safely practicing social distancing, we still all manage to find ways to come together.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact it is having on our healthcare system, medical workers, small businesses, truck drivers, grocers and families across the United States, we continue seeing small acts of kindness from the tiniest of corners.

We’ve seen seamstresses band together to make masks to donate to hospitals experiencing shortages. Local small businesses are starting fundraisers and accepting donations for other businesses gravely impacted by shutdowns.

This week, an article in an Alabama newspaper bragged on an unemployed bakery owner who continued baking bread and donating it to families in need in a Birmingham neighborhood. Also this week, Gov. Kay Ivey suggested we spread a little joy by displaying an array of colored ribbons in our yards. Lula Belle’s Florist in Moulton began arranging colored ribbons and leaving them out on their door, free to take by anyone who’d like to add a ribbon to their own yard.

These small acts of kindness aren’t going unnoticed, and many of us are ready to follow the example and spread smiles in our own ways. It can start with something as simple as greeting the grocery store or fast-food worker and thanking them for showing up to serve the public that day. Remembering to shop and eat local when you can to support small businesses in our areas and those families behind them.

There are lots of ways to make a big difference by doing something small. Remember we’re all in this together, and though we may be forced to keep a 6-foot distance, we can bridge our time and space apart by doing what we can to light up our corner of the world.

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