Last year, Lawrence County, which was founded on Feb. 6, 1818, turned 200 years old. This year, the city of Moulton and the state of Alabama celebrate their 200th anniversaries as well. 

In recognition of these events, readers are likely to continue seeing stories about our bicentennial throughout the year as we celebrate our histories.

Moulton was incorporated on Dec. 16, 1819, just two days after the state was established, and it received its name from Lt. Michael Moulton who fought in the War of 1812. 

The city is home to The Moulton Advertiser, which began publication in 1828 and is Alabama’s oldest weekly newspaper. 

Moulton vied with the town of Courtland over which township would gain the county seat after the state’s establishment. Governor Thomas Bibb settled the debate by decreeing that the seat would be established in the county’s more centrally located city.

Courtland was named to the National Register of Historic Places for its homes and structures with varied architectural styles that date back almost two centuries. The community is known to take pride in its rich history and hosts a number of tours and events in celebration of their heritage each year. 

Lawrence County is also home to the Jesse Owens Memorial Park and Museum and the Oakville Indian Mounds, which serve as prominent tourism sites for Northwest Alabama. 

The General Joe Wheeler home, Pond Spring, is another popular destination for tourism in Hillsboro, and Mount Hope was recently dubbed one of the most historically significant places in Northern Alabama by a local historian for its concentration of Revolutionary War soldiers in the Rock Springs Cemetery.

This year, as we celebrate Alabama’s bicentennial and the anniversary of our county, readers are encouraged to explore other historical sites throughout Lawrence County. Educate yourself on our proud heritage and celebrate the growth and progress our communities continue to strive for each year.

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