Invitations to respond to the 2020 U.S. Census should begin reaching Lawrence County residents this week. Though the Lawrence County All Count Day is two weeks away, residents who have received a notice can go ahead respond now, or at least make plans to respond on the All Count Day. 

Lawrence County community leaders have come together to provide several response sites throughout the county on March 28, the All Count Day. These sites will have computers with internet access available to visitors who wish to respond online, and will also staff volunteers who are ready to answer questions or assist you with filling out your response that day. 

So much is riding on the accuracy of a residential count for Lawrence County and for the state this census year. More highly populated areas receive more funds. That’s why it’s so important for the entire community that you accurately count yourself as well as anyone living in your household. Young children, especially children of split families, newborns, roommates, or anyone who is renting space in your home are the people most often missed during the census count, according to the U.S. Census website. 

If you have a child that spends weekends at another parent or guardian’s house, communicate with that other guardian to make sure the child is not left out of the count. If you have an elderly parent or family member living with you, count them, or if they are living on their own, offer to assist them or remind them to respond by March 28. If you are in doubt about who to include in your household, the census website has lots of helpful tips and information for questions or concerns.

Do your part in helping Lawrence County retrieve its fair share of federal funds for the next 10 years by making sure you and every person under your roof are counted. 

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