Spring is in the air, and so begins the season of tidying up. Lawrence County has gotten on board with the idea and hopes to promote the Alabama People Against a Littered State annual cleanup program more aggressively than ever this year. 

Lawrence County Administrator Heather Dyar, along with the rest of the Commission, is encouraging everyone to pitch in and do their part in their own community. Groups can sign up to adopt a mile, or two or six—however many miles they choose—to clean up in an area close to home. Why not take part in sprucing up your own neighborhood?

This year, as it marks Alabama’s 200th birthday, a few county organizations, including the Lawrence County Historical and Preservation Society and the Courtland Revitalization Committee, have opted to host their own cleanup efforts to better promote their communities for tourists and local visitors who come take part in the Bicentennial festivities. 

Though the freshness of Spring and the influx of visitors should be reason enough to consider getting out and cleaning up all the litter, taking pride in your corner of Alabama should be incentive enough as well. 

If you don’t think you can commit to very many miles along a roadway near home, you could consider at least picking up around the ditches surrounding your home. 

Participating in a countywide cleanup is not only a great way to bring your local neighbors together for a common cause, it’s also a great way to give our state back its namesake: Alabama the Beautiful. 

As we celebrate our Bicentennial this year, let us all freshen up and treat our home to some much needed TLC. Help visitors and newcomers appreciate the beauty of our home by making sure we look our best this Spring season. 

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