Most of us are familiar with Black Friday, the chaotic shopping spree that occurs the Friday after Thanksgiving each year. Some of us may even be familiar with Cyber Monday, an online shopping spree for online shoppers to escape the crowds and bustle the previous weekend, but now our capitalist nation is introducing Small Business Saturday as a new shopping holiday.

Justifiably so, Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to support small and local businesses on the Saturday following Black Friday. This year, the day will fall on Saturday, Nov. 24.

In light of the holiday, it’s worth recognizing several reasons to shop local businesses, not just on this particular day, but every day. Local business owners are our friends and neighbors. By supporting your small local business, you are also helping your city and your community by ensuring your sales tax dollars are going towards your roads, schools and public services.

Small local businesses also provide more personal customer service. They are able to give their customers the time and attention many big businesses and corporations cannot afford or lack the small town connection to do so. 

Small town businesses are also a great contributor to diversity in the small American towns we live in. Just as unique individuals comprise our communities, local businesses like hair salons, antique and craft stores, furniture stores, local eateries, and others also provide their own unique and individual touch to the towns and cities they serve. 

These are just a few great reasons to support and encourage small business owners in our communities. They help our economic system thrive while providing quality services and products that fit our needs with a personal flair you’re not likely to get elsewhere. 

Support our local businesses by taking part in Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24.  

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