Social distancing is the new term making news this week as Alabama health officials continue stressing the importance of isolation to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. While social distancing and self-quarantines may help deter larger outbreaks, we encourage our readers to continue supporting small business in Lawrence County.

Of course, we strongly urge you to exercise caution and continue practicing basic hygiene to protect yourself and others from contracting the coronavirus or any other illness, but total social shutdown could prove detrimental to small businesses that depend on local traffic to survive.

When necessary consider shopping small shops, because there are less likely to be hoards of crowds in your local grocery store as compared to larger corporations.   Try ordering takeout or even opt for a delivery service or drive-thru where available from your local restaurants and eateries

If you still fear stepping into public spaces for too long, consider purchasing a gift card from your local shop or family-owned restaurant so they earn the cash flow now, and you can enjoy their services or products later. If your favorite local retailer has a website that allows you to make purchases online, shop virtually.

There are several ways you can support local business owners and continue boosting our local economy, but also remember to practice “Doing the Five,” as laid out by the World Health Organization.

1. HANDS: wash them thoroughly and often.  2. ELBOW: Cough into it. Not into your pristinely washed hands, and not onto other people or surfaces. 3. FACE: Do not touch. 4. FEET: Stay more than three feet apart from others. 5. FEEL sick? Stay home.

Protect yourself and others from coronavirus and all other respiratory illnesses this extended flu season, but please don’t forget about our small businesses who depend on your support.

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