The 2020 Census closes in six days, which means we have until Wednesday to respond or to cooperate with census takers who knock on our doors before the middle of next week.

The population count found in this year’s census will stay with us for the next 10 years. Meaning, this year’s population count will determine the way Federal funding is divided among the states and those communities within those states for the next 10 years.

We’re potentially giving away funds that could be reserved for our neighbors, our children, and even ourselves. Funds that assist with free school lunches, infrastructure, housing assistance, Medicare. These funds build our roads, fund our schools and hospitals, provide services and programs to our children and our neighbors.

When a census worker knocks on your door, will you turn them away? Essentially asking them to take funds for your community elsewhere?

If you haven’t yet taken the Census, stop what you’re doing and go to the Census website. It’s only going to take a few minutes of your time. If you have responded for your household, check in with your neighbors, co-workers, parents or grandparents and hold them accountable as well.

If you receive a knock on your door, have verified that the census taker is indeed with the Census Bureau, cooperate by answering their questions and giving them a few minutes of your time.

Our county and our state are counting on us.

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