Moulton City Building Inspector Renay Saint is working hard to keep the city cleaned up. A city-wide cleanup event was held Saturday, and Saint anticipates other events similar to this one will follow.

In light of the city-wide cleanup effort, as well as the efforts to the building inspector to clarify City Ordinances that specify and define nuisances, it is important to remember that old adage “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” 

Saint and several volunteers worked for hours in last Saturday’s heat cleaning up roadside litter. Trash and remnants of food scattered along the streets are not only unsightly, but this also provides breeding grounds for vermin and the spread of disease. A simple trip to the trash can go a long way. 

It’s important for every citizen to take pride in their home town or city. Littering is a preventable problem that starts with you. Litter doesn’t just get thrown from car windows along the highway. Sometimes it’s dropped under the bleachers at a high school football game or left on the sidewalk at a local park. 

If each person took the few extra steps to throw their trash into a trash can at the next big event, a handful of people wouldn’t be left to clean up after the masses. While it may take one person about 30 extra seconds to dispose of their own trash, it can take a small cleaning crew hours to pick up after a public event.

The City of Moulton is looking better each day with the help of Saint and those who volunteered last Saturday. Help them out by picking up after yourself and keeping your lawn neatly trimmed. Just a few simple choices can help keep your home beautiful and safe. 

Be courteous of others and mindful of the environment. Help to keep your community clean for yourself and your neighbor.

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