Thanksgiving calls for us to gather our family around us, acknowledge the things we have to be thankful for, and feast. It’s a time full of warmth, celebration, and fellowship. 

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has inhibited our ability to gather in large groups with all our family, for lots of us, we are fortunate to spend the holidays with our closest loved ones. There are Americans this year, however, who aren’t so fortunate. 

Some have lost loved ones to the pandemic, soldiers are away from home, farmers are out plowing fields, workers in the food and retail industries are working on this day, to name a few. There are homeless in the streets, sick left at home, or elderly who are unable to travel or gather.

Many of us take for granted how lucky we are to be able to toss a football in the backyard, set the table, or sit around a fireplace reminiscing with our fathers, mothers and siblings. Too many families have empty seats at their table this year. 

  Remember to thank a soldier for a time they were forced to celebrate overseas, wishing a short phone call could really make up for the thousands of miles between them and their loved ones. Remember those on the police force, first responders, or those working in the hospitals who give of their own time to keep us safe and protected every day. 

Remember those who have lost a family member or friend this year, who may still be healing from their loss.

On this day—a day we set aside to remember our blessings—be thankful for the loved ones you have beside you today and remember the holiday can be lonely for some. Be thankful for your home, the food on your plate, your family, and all the other countless blessings for which you have to be grateful.

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