County and city officials are beginning budget talks for fiscal year 2020, and it’s not a bad time for individuals to look into their own financial well-being this time of year. 

We are nearly nine months into 2019, which means families only have about three months left until we’re all swept into the shopping frenzy the holiday season brings each year. Yup, only 125 days until Christmas, folks, but even aside from all the party planning and gift getting, as the year comes to a close, it is not a bad idea to begin preparing for the next one.

A glance at your personal budget could help set the tone for the 2020 countdown. How are you going to finish out the year? Would you like to save a little more to get through the next few months? Maybe you’re still on the right track to keep holiday stress at a minimum, but you’d like to build a bigger cushion for the new year. 

Whatever your own financial goals are for the next year, now is the perfect time to step back and assess what you’ve got projected for the final months of this one. If you’d like to start saving more, see where corners can be cut. If a loan pay-off is approaching and you can afford to pay double, close it early and save on interest. 

There are many great new apps that help you tuck away a little change at a time nowadays too. Apps like Acorn and Stash help you save small change left from every day spending, which can add up quicker than you might think. 

Whether you’d like to focus on saving more, spending less, or simply maintaining your personal budget, now is a good time to assess your spending so far this year and plan for the next one. Don’t let the holidays catch you off guard or throw any progress you’ve made so far in 2019. Save a little today and make spending a little easier tomorrow.

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