Lawrence County is buzzing with seemingly endless events and celebrations this April. With so many activities planned this month, there seems to be something on the calendar for everyone. 

Community events like the ones taking place this spring help the county to grow. By attending even one of these activities, you’re not only benefiting from getting out and socializing, you’re also boosting your local economy, supporting small businesses and often-times contributing to a great cause. 

Events like the Hee Haw Variety Show or the Strawberry Festival Golf Tournament—both coming up on April 20—benefit organizations like the American Cancer Society and Lawrence County Senior Programs. Other events like the Marlee Sutton Mud Run on April 27 also raise money for worthy a cause. 

Some events, like Lawrence-Moulton Civitan Club’s Taste of Our Town happening on April 16, help promote local businesses. 

The April Walking Tours, the Jackson House Spring Celebration and the annual Wings Over Courtland event help to preserve our history and promote interest in our County. 

Many of these events are also family friendly. Keeping your children actively involved in community gatherings makes them comfortable with networking and socializing, but it also keeps them invested and interested in their own communities. 

There are so many reasons to get out and enjoy these fun activities that help promote or support other organizations, businesses and individuals throughout the county this spring. If you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house, consider attending several of these events yourself. Find out what your community has to offer and perhaps even see what ways you can help out too. 

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