As April passes and May turns over a green leaf, we can look back and appreciate how the people of our county come together in times of need.

It’s a great time to reflect on all the community and charity events that took place each week throughout the previous month and thank all the volunteers who made these festivals and fundraisers possible. Thanks to them our communities were brought together for great causes, if not to simply enjoy an afternoon of fellowship or celebration.

Aside from the volunteers who helped make all these events possible, it’s also a great time again to reflect on how our servicemen and women make this possible. We always want to be mindful of our military and thankful to our veterans. As we were reminded of many of their great sacrifices and dedication during the Wings Over Courtland event last weekend, we will get a second chance to honor and recognize them during the Strawberry Festival this coming weekend.

Let’s not forget our law enforcement officers, firefighters and department workers as well. Police officers and sheriff’s deputies work hard to keep our county safe each and every day. Our firefighters all throughout the county worked tirelessly to put out the flames that swept Court Street in Moulton; many were volunteers, and many are prepared to labor the dangers over again if it came to it.

Among the hidden heroes are our utility workers who do their best to ensure we do not go without power or water every day or in times of crisis. Like firemen, police officers and safety personnel, their job does not end because it’s the weekend or because of a holiday. Often times they are called to assist distressed customers who are without power or water during the freezing months surrounding Christmas or during the tornado and thunderstorm seasons surrounding Easter. Our county’s heroes are dedicated to their service.

As we begin a new day, it’s a great time to reflect on the work that has been done and how much is left to do. How can you contribute, and how can you express appreciation to those who have sacrificed their time and energy to the service of others?

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