Another successful fundraising event was held on the Moulton Square last weekend in spite of rainy weather. Though the crowds certainly could have been larger, the Jackson House Foundation was thankful for yet another outpour of support from the community.

Held in conjunction with the fundraiser, JHF board member Loretta Gillespie also successfully put together a casual gathering of local artists and craftsman without charging anyone a dime to participate or visit. She said Moulton’s first Art Expo was about getting the community together for celebrating and learning.

During an interview, she also suggested that residents throughout the county voice their opinions about what events or gatherings they would like to see more of in their communities. What would attract more people to downtown Moulton?

It’s vacationing season, and as an added bonus, non-profits hosting these festivals and events are more likely to attract outside tourists to these community celebrations. By promoting their organization or special event, places like the Jesse Owens Museum, Oakville Indian Mounds, Historic Courtland and Bankhead could see an influx of interested visitors as well.

These community events might include a movie on the old courthouse lawn, live music, a cookout, or any number of other things locals might be able to use to promote a public gathering. In helping promote our non-profits and civic organizations by attending their festivals, we are also helping to promote Lawrence County’s best-kept secrets.

The next time you hear of an event happening in downtown Courtland, along Main Street in Town Creek, or on the Moulton Square, get involved or simply attend. If there is anything specific you feel is being overlooked--something fun and family-friendly that might help boost attendance--let these event organizers know. Most are open to suggestions, especially if helping hands are being lent as well.

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