Our county has been blessed with a vibrant and mature core of home educating families that has been developing since the early 1980s. Many are now second generation. These families pioneered what was once the common educational choice across our nation – but had been forgotten by generations trained in civil government schooling standards.

The last few months have forced educational options to the forefront. Many are discovering what home educating families have long experienced and cherished: enhanced family experience through shared productive learning time, a more cohesive family worldview, and a deepening of shared moral values consistent with our faith. As home educating parents and now grandparents, we can encourage these parents that they will also experience the benefits of tailoring educational processes and goals to the individual student. Home education elevates the opportunity to foster the practicalities of self-directed learners.

It is often that we are asked by inquiring families about resources and opportunities within the home educating community as families new to that freedom seek to explore this rich and vibrant educational alternative. My wife and I are delighted to share our journey and introduce those seeking to better understand home education to the wide variety of resources and opportunities available. You can reach us through timyarbrough77@gmail.com and be assured of our willingness to answer questions and provide information. As educational freedom grows these deeper roots and spreads it beneficial influence wider, its greatest impact will be on the maturing of family cohesiveness – the strength of a community and county.

Tim Yarbrough

118 Audrea Street

Moulton, AL 35650

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