Last Tuesday I went to the Dollar Tree and saw a family with two little girls that looked to be about 10 and 11. When I got ready to leave, one of the girls helped me out the door and asked if she could help unload my buggy, the second child came and helped with the buggy too. They did it by themselves and put the buggy back. I thanked them, smiled and we waved at each other.

I left to go to Walmart. As soon as I got out of my car I had a bad coughing spell (I am 86 years old). NO ONE offered to help me or even asked if I was okay. I was feeling all good about the young folks and then the coughing spell got me down.

But after I finished shopping and went to pay, I realized I had two empty check books. The check-out lady and I were talking about what I should do, when the young lady at the next register said she would pay. I told her no but she paid anyway! I looked at her and asked if she was a school teacher. She said yes but wouldn’t tell me where she taught. (As a lunchroom manager for 29 years at Moulton Middle School, I knew we could find her).

She was a blessing to me. Her name is Hillary Carpenter Terry. She is from Hatton and teaches at West Morgan Middle School. Her parents should be very proud of her. I bet her students learn a lot from her.

Thank you Hillary for restoring my faith in the human race!


Opal A. Garrison


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