It appears that the current Lawrence County Superintendent refuses to move with what’s right and just and chooses to contort to what we once knew as Jim Crowe. 

In 1901 Jim Crowe Laws in Alabama specified that separate schools for different races are required. No other race is allowed to attend or work in another races’ school. 

In the case of our central office this law is seemingly apparent with a twist, “No other race is allowed in another races central office”. There was a movie back in 1982 called, “White Dog” by Samuel Fuller. The movie was never released due to its being so racially charged. The movie was about a woman who became attached to a dog who rescued her during a rape attempt. When the dog attacked other people (African-Americans) she took the dog to be trained. After working with the dog for a while, the trainer realizes that the dog has been trained as a “white dog” which is a dog trained to attack only black people. The trainer makes it his mission to retrain this dog not to attack black people. 

In the summary written about this dog it is stated that the dog is never named and that the dog is a symbol of the deeply rooted evil and hatred which is a catalyst for racism. Well, you may think you know what I would name this dog and you might possibly name this dog the same name. 

We have got to cease accepting this blatant racism and call a dog by its name. Perhaps a dog can’t be retrained but the Lawrence County Superintendent is not an animal he is human and I would like to think he is a sentient being. It’s time to stop the foolishness.

Calvin Lee


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