My question is to the citizens of Lawrence County concerning the central office. 

I am hoping that we can get away from the buddy system which does not help our school system grow in terms of education. 

Let’s take a look at the statistics of African-American teachers in Lawrence County. Some students in Lawrence County will never have the opportunity of having a black teacher and that is so unrealistic in today’s society. 

The first response will be “have any African- Americans applied for jobs with the Lawrence County School System?”. And the answer will be "yes".

• East Lawrence Elementary: 39 white, 3 black;

• East Lawrence Middle: 21.25 white, 2 black;

• East Lawrence High: 23.75 white, 2 black;

• Hatton Elementary: 28 white, 2 black;

• Hatton High: 24.5 white, 0 black;

• Hazlewood Elementary: 15 white, 4.5 black;

• Lawrence County High: 35.5 white, 3 black;

• Moulton Elementary: 50 white, 3 black;

• Moulton Middle: 30 white, 3 black;

• Mt. Hope: 11 white, 2 black;

• R.A. Hubbard: 7.5 white, 6.5 black;

• Speake: 13.5 white, 2 black;

• Board of Education/Judy Jester Learning Center/Center of Technology: 17 white, 1 black.


Calvin Lee,


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