Do we have any honest people left in the legislature? House Bill 317, sponsored by Ken Johnson (Moulton) tells us we don’t. 

This bill would make it legal for legislators to receive money or other goods for promoting a bill that they will then vote on in the legislature - letting them lobby. How can they even think it’s okay to make money as a lobbyist at the same time they are receiving a salary from the state? Right now it is illegal to do so – and it should be. This illegal activity is exactly why Mike Hubbard was convicted.

It’s strange to me that the legislature passed a law that teachers cannot be in the legislature while teaching because they would vote on things that might financially benefit them (such as raises), yet, our legislators want to be able to vote on things that bring them a second, or even a third salary - all in the guise “economic development”. That’s how this bill is being presented - as promoting economic development and tourism, while in reality it promotes abuse of a legislator’s power and position for economic gain.

House Bill 317 bill essentially makes it legal for our legislators, whose salaries we pay, (and pay well for a part time job) to sell our state down the river in order to make a buck. This is both morally and ethically wrong. Every person who votes for this legislation should be voted out of office.

Judy Simms


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