I would like to express my opinion about the elephant, Nosey.

I’m an animal lover and it sickens me to hear about abuse. PETA has done some good things for animals, yet sometimes they go a little crazy.

I sat in the courtroom for 10.5 hours listening to testimony, and I think the county bit off more than it can chew. The animal control officer under oath said she knew nothing about elephants. 

Nosey was stranded in Lawrence County due to a breakdown. The owner did the best he could in this situation. One of the two main complaints was that Nosey had a skin condition due to neglect. Well, in court we learn from an elephant doctor that this condition is common. The other complaint was that Nosey had to stand in her own waste. Elephants produce a lot of waste. It is called life. Cows and horses all over Lawrence County stand in their own waste every day,

Based only on what I heard in court, I didn’t hear any proof that Mr. Liebel abused this elephant.

Elephants are very intelligent and they form a bond with their owner. When separated, the elephant can have anxiety. Nosey seemed to be subjected to more cruelty while under control of the county and the facility in Tennessee than when she was with her owner.

The county had to force Nosey into a trailer with a winch, which might have injured her leg. After she arrived in Tennessee, something happened there that caused her to break her tusk. Nosey did not break her tusk while under the control of her owner.

This elephant might cost the county a lot of money we can’t afford. Nosey should be immediately released to her owner so she can return to her home in Florida and let officials there handle this.

Bryan Henderson


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Ooooh, Bryan, I don't doubt you have a good heart, but Nosey is thriving at the sanctuary, exploring large areas of meadow and woods, hearing and communicating with other elephants, and getting the veterinary treatment that Hugo Liebel denied her for years (the numerous citations are all in the public record.)

To return her to a life of hell on the road would be the ultimate betrayal. Let her have a life.




Hugo Liebel's history of abusing Nosey includes nearly 200 violations of federal animal welfare laws, among them chaining her so tightly that she could barely move and for repeatedly denying her veterinary care for a chronic skin condition. Elephant experts think she may have advanced arthritis. What kind of life is that? Liebel should never be allowed anywhere near Nosey.




There's no way that Nosey or any other elephant belongs in the hands of an abusive trainer who exploits animals for profit. At a sanctuary, Nosey can roam around and behave as as an elephant should behave, not be chained up and forced to entertain others. You don't need to be an elephant expert to see this. Just someone with an ounce of compassion.




Bryan you have repeated statements the Leibels attorney has stated to the press already. Sounds like you know him or you are him. Scare tactics don’t work in the court of law. If I was the judge I would get USDA involved federal charges and confiscate Nosey. The Tennessee vet that has treated her everyday under her oath and Tennessee laws should report the neglect also. The Leibels will have to pay the sanctuary for the care of Nosey before they can get her back if they are permitted to get her back. I believe the medical neglect alone is enough reason. Not to mention the abuse.



Pam G

Finally, someone able to think and use common sense. Thank you for speaking out for sending Nosey back to her family, the only one she's known for 34 years.

I've seen photos of the acres of beautiful fields and woods Nosey roams in the temperate climate of Florida. Cold, damp Tennessee weather is a shock to her for sure. That and not knowing the people or having any affiliation with the other elephants at the Tennessee facility.

Contrary to what people say, Nosey passed USDA inspection days before local Animal Control in Alabama decided to take her from her family. The family ponies were returned, why if the animals were not cared for? I'm not sure what took place was even legal. I'm with you, Nosey needs to go back with her family in Florida and leave elephant inspections and health to officials with knowledge.




The court did not go into the years of documented abuse Nosey has faced, the over 200 violations, the sworn statements that Nosey has been ruthlesly beaten and electrocuted, the fact that the Liebels have NO home to take Nosey to. They only focused on the facts of this case. Nosey was chained up in feces without food, water or adequate medical care. The one veterinarian who testified as an animal expert said she'd never seen such a bad skin condition. The circus' vet said it was fine and he was shown to be biased with his Facebook posts. Nosey has advanced heath issues that have been neglected for far too long. The county did a wonderful thing by rescuing Nosey and getting her the treatments she desperately needs. The author of this post should do some research on this elephant.


Thank you sir for listening to the real elephant experts during the case! Nosey is suffering! She was ripped from the only family she has ever known for over 30 years. I am an Animal control Officer and saw Nosey in September! I received numerous calls thru dispatch stating that she was abused, treated cruelly and had TB! None of it was true! These calls were from people that lived no where near where Nosey was! I went to Check on Nosey and she was fine! She stayed over at a friend's farm. That day Mr Liebel gave her an oil bath and she looked beautiful. Nice hay in front of her, lots of water and apples for treats. SHE WAS BEAUTIFIL! I too was previously the owner of 2 African elephants. Had I seen any sign of abuse I would've been on the phone to USDA immediately! Thank you for listening to facts and coming to a decision on the facts!


Bryan Henderson, write an opinion article after you viewed all the videos of Nosey's abuse, looked at pictures, read statements, read the 200 citations from the USDA, the violations...so much out there. Can anyone actually deny what is seen in the vast number of videos? Just do a simple search on 'Nosey the Elephant abuse'. The facts are out there for all to see. Nosey is in great place, roaming free, getting the necessary, the vital, medical treatment she needs. ROAMING FREE! No chains, no people riding on the back, no performing unnatural positions, no more hunger and thirst, no more being hauled around from place to place, no more being abuse! Nosey deserves to live out the rest of her life free and to be an elephant, just an elephant! Who would deny her this?


Nosey was ripped away from her REAL family, in Africa, 35 years ago. Imagine being a little baby and watching your mother be slaughtered, and then you are sold to human beings who force you by painful methods to do unnatural tricks. Then spend the next thirty years in cramped confines, with no contact with any of your own kind, giving rides to more humans day after day, even though you are in pain and are suffering. This has been Nosey's life. She has suffered for FAR too long. For the first time in her life, she gets to be a real elephant at The Elephant Sanctuary. With no demands made of her. No ridiculous and humiliating tricks to perform. No people riding on her back. She is finally at peace. It is obvious how she is thriving at the Elephant Sanctuary, and this is exactly where she belongs. For the rest of her life. Blessings to you, Nosey. We will never stop fighting for what you have long deserved.


For people who are saying that the elephant passed the USDA inspection no 💩. she's going to pass because do you realize what that inspection consist of.. if not you should look it up cuz I'm not going to sit here and explain the whole thing to you but they don't need much to pass that but some paperwork from a vet and guess what they got a crooked vet... my mom used to work for a vet and when the circus would come into town they always had to have paperwork signed off by a vet my mom's boss was not an elephant expert or Hippo expert or zebra expert but they don't need one they just need any vet to look at their animals and sign off and then when the USDA comes and ask for paperwork showing that they had a vet look at their animals and address the issues if any that the animals had .that's all they have to show them and with nosey skin condition she has a vet that adresses that so the USDA is not going to take the elephant if they've already had her looked at by vet and is being treated so the USDA is a joke because if they show up and the animals have food water a doctor's excuse for the way she looks they're all good so of course she's going to pass the worthless inspection

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