It was heartwarming to read about how the Lawrence County Schools honored veterans in creative and unique ways. The article by J. R. Tidwell about R.A. Hubbard Boys Basketball Coach Sonny Conwell and his team was a wonderful example. 

Mr. Conwell’s knowledge of and decision to promote the CrossFit Murph workout as a stepping stone to gaining strength and earning their uniforms was also important in that the athletes learned about Lieutenant Michael Murphy, the Navy SEAL who willingly gave his life to enter an enemy exposed area in order to get satellite reception to call for reinforcements in a fierce firefight in Afghanistan in 2005. 

He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously and his courage and patriotism are described in both the book and the movie, “Lone Survivor.”  

The pride of each player in completing the arduous workout as described by Coach Conwell will be a lifetime memory for the athletes and should be a source of great pride for the school and the community.  Thanks to CrossFit in Decatur for their help with this project.   

Speake Principal Tina Blankenship and her first grade students, leading classmates in patriotic songs, and participating in the American Legion Poppy Poster Contest is another commendable illustration of teaching even the very young the importance of patriotism and honor to veterans.

Thanks to all the veterans who spoke to students at all the schools on Veterans Day and thanks to the principals and teachers for making this happen. 

Thanks to Joseph Gibson and Lee Langham, the wounded and Agent Orange exposed combat survivors of Iraq and Vietnam respectively, and Hatton graduates Herman Cooper and Willie Frank Garner, two of the 58,479 veterans who gave their lives in Vietnam.   

Thanks to The Moulton Advertiser for great coverage. 




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