I want to say thank you to all the individuals, churches and businesses that helped with the Lawrence County Educators Retirees Association’s project “Satisfying Kids Improves Performance” (SKIP) for the 2017-18 school year. Thank you all for donating food, school supplies, money and your time to help pack the bags.  You are helping feed the hungry children of Lawrence County. 

Beginning this 2018-19 school year we will pack 90 bags of food for children every week that school is in session.  Our group sends 35 bags to Speake Elementary and 55 bags to Moulton Elementary.  All other elementary schools in Lawrence County are supported by their local communities.   

A special thank you also goes to Moulton Baptist Church for allowing us to store and pack the food in their building.  It takes approximately $10,000 per year for this project.  Mr. Greg Morris of Foodland is so much appreciated as he helps us order the food in bulk and finds deals to help us with our limited budget. 

We are currently organizing for the 2018-19 school year.  I ask for your continued support.  You may send any financial donations to LCERA SKIP Project in care of JoAnn Medendorp, 196 Betty St., Moulton, AL 35650. Please make checks payable to LCERA SKIP.  

Thank you again for all of your generous support.

JoAnn Medendorp, 

Chairperson, LCERA SKIP Project


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