I need a full understanding of the hiring practice within the Lawrence County School System, however, my initial question was and still is how does an individual apply for the part-time clerical assistant positions at the central office? 

I was informed that those jobs do not have to be posted. Again, I’m asking why? Why are these positions kept so secretive? Lawrence has a total of 21.5 minorities working in the entire county. The school system has only three African American workers. Two are principals and one is an assistant principal. I believe that there are two African American secretaries within the system. Are we okay with these numbers? 

Our students black, white and other need to see diversity in the school system. Qualified African Americans and other minorities do not need to be a fluke, an apparition, something that just happened but was not necessary. As I have shared with the board on previous occasions, this administration comes across as one who follows the popular decisions of the old school regime, the “good ole boys” club.  

Be a true leader and accept that there is much to be desired regarding integration within the Lawrence County School System. Do something in this area that will make a positive difference.  In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “Tear down this wall!”

 I am opposed to racism and racial discrimination no matter who is an advocate of it whether it be a manager of a fast food chain, a minority administrator or a school superintendent. There is such a thing as reverse discrimination and one would be a fool to think it does not exist. I am looking at the Lawrence County School System because their numbers speak volumes.

Calvin Lee


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