The members of the Jackson House Foundation wish to thank The Moulton Advertiser for the coverage it gave our largest fundraiser of the year. Without the paper we would not have had the largest crowd since we began our quest to save this venerable old house for future generations. 

Since we started in 2012, the brunch/bingo and the seafood buffet have become much anticipated events in our community. 

Thanks to the loyal people who have attended since the beginning, as well as the new friends who attended this year, we have been able to put the house in better order. 

With the proceeds from this year’s Spring Celebration we will be able to paint the exterior, update more of the wiring, and other maintenance upgrades that are required to bring the house up to code. 

It goes without saying that we could never have accomplished the repairs and upgrades that have been made without the dozens of volunteers who faithfully come to our aid each year. 

Without the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ready the house, cook the meals, gather the auction items and clean the house to make it ready for the next event, we would have had to give up this vision of a community gathering place long ago. 

Now, each event brings us closer to our goal. With the help of grants from the Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area, private donations, donations of appliances from Lowe’s, and proceeds from this and other fundraisers, we have made great strides in restoring the Jackson House to its former status as one of the most historically unique houses in Lawrence County. 

Thank you, all who attended or helped in any way. May God bless you.

With sincere gratitude,

The Jackson House Foundation

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