Lawrence County citizens, we have allowed the Board Members and Superintendent to make decisions that affect the education of our children, yet we do not hold them accountable for things such as hiring more black educators and administrators and taking the responsibility to eventually eradicate racist practices and ideology within our school system.

Having spoken to the superintendent on several occasions regarding ways to get in touch with more qualified African-Americans for over a year now and I have concluded that if he wanted to hire more African American teachers, he would start up a dialogue with HBCU schools. I am exhausted but not spent. I am fueled by disinterest our Lawrence County Board of Education and its superintendent has in the diversification of our school system employees, especially teachers, principals, counselors, and administrative staff. One or two of either of the roles being filled is not diversification, it’s tolerance.

Our African-American children need to be taught that people within their race are worthy of more than tolerance. White children within the Lawrence County School System know and understand this every day when they are taught by the faces that look like theirs; they know and understand that their race is not tolerated but accepted and being educated by anyone that doesn’t look like them means there’s a glitch in the system. No! We are not glitches or a people who should be merely tolerated! It’s time that we no longer settle for “Master’s” scraps, jobs given to a handful of black people so it can be said, “Look, we have some black folks working in our school system be happy with that and leave us alone!” No, I will not stop until you right the wrongs you’ve perpetuated and become just in your dealings with our school children.

Calvin Lee


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