Once again, Oakville Indian Mounds and the Lawrence County School Board Indian Education Program is having their 2018 Multicultural Indian Event (Powwow) this year. And once again, a tribe from out-of-state is being hired for most of the positions. 

This out-of-state tribe fills positions that could be handled by one of the state recognized tribes from Alabama. This out-of-state tribe takes money from this state that could stay here. The same out-of-state tribe hired is part of the few tribes trying to get rid of all state recognized tribes in all states and stop the support funds given to the school board, hence Oakville Indian Mounds. 

Native American Craft Vendors are not allowed to attend their festival/powwow, but they are paid to come here. Here in Alabama, we have qualified/experienced arena directors, drum teams, head men and head ladies that could be hired and make sure an Alabama event pays funds to Alabama residents. 

It doesn’t make sense to me to hire people that are wanting to take one’s job and the financial support. After being an Native American craft vendor at this festival/pow wow for almost 14 years, I feel that this enrolled Alabama Tribal person can no longer be a part of this hypocrisy. 

Our own Alabama Indian Affairs Commission (AIAC) has brought this to Oakville’s attention, but it fell upon deaf ears. What started as a 4-day event is now a two-day event. I know of a Craft Vendor that has attended for over 25 years that was not invited to this event for expressing the same views. 

Their success is dependent upon the public’s attendance. So, what do you think?

Lowrey Hesse



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