This administration has taken the Lawrence County Board of Education back to the days of the good ole boys club!

There are no African Americans in the central office. There is a low number of African American teachers within the county. There is obviously a “buddy system hiring plan” when it comes to hiring the superintendent’s buddies from  Hatton High School to work in  the central office and different schools.

Board members are not holding this administration accountable for the egregious favoritism and racism displayed through the hiring practices within the Lawrence County school system. 

 I believe that the Lawrence County Board of Education has its blinders on when it comes to their hiring practices concerning people of color. I perceive that a few of them, if not many of them, may have what they consider friends of color, may play golf with people of color, may have worked on jobs and gotten along with people of color and may have even had people of color over to their homes for dinner and they think themselves far from racist because of their interactions with these few and far between “colored friends”. 

You may have a few token friends who respond, “you’re not racist, if you were I haven’t experienced it from you,” or “we’re friends and I don’t know any racist white folks with black friends,” when you tell them you are being accused of being racist. Can you believe it?

 But when it comes to whom you choose to help succeed professionally, whom you choose to give that first real career position to, whom you want to see make great strides in their life, all you ever did with people of color was play golf, have dinner, and work on a past/present job with people of color.

Calvin Lee


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