In 1994 three local candidates and I ran for public office on the Republican ticket. Byron Randolph almost pulled off an upset for State Representative, but we were all really running against a tide of voting history. The Democrats had controlled elective offices for the better part of one hundred years in Alabama, and Lawrence County showed particular resistance to ever changing that voting pattern. 

Fast forward 20 years and Trump wins 75 percent of the vote in previously rock solid yellow dog Lawrence County. I point to the death of that old hound in the 2010 election; when several local Republican candidates won. 

This happened primarily because Democratic straight party voting went down from 30 percent to under 20 in that election cycle. I feel the impetus for this change was the first two years of President Obama’s term, after local citizens woke up to the reality of failed socialist-leaning policies.

Obama is the first to preside without ever having a single quarter of GDP growth registering even three percent. He and Hillary’s foreign policies have inflamed the Middle East and alienated Israel, he’s doubled the national debt, his health care plan is a disaster, and he has shown no respect for the Constitution. 

Hillary Clinton would have been more of the same. Many of her fervent supporters wouldn’t have been so fervent had they read about the abuse of those foundations she and Bill operate. 

She even approved for a Canadian company that mined twenty percent of the U.S.’s annual uranium production (you know...nuclear bomb material...) to be sold to Russia after it was arranged for Bill Clinton to collect almost $1 million for two speeches in Russia. Plus there’s all those weird deaths out in Arkansas that have never been resolved. 

I once thought that Lawrence County would never catch up and become a competitive two party county. I am very proud to say that my home county really does “get it” now. 

Always remember what Jefferson said about the nature of government, “That government which governs least, governs best”.


Greg Gentry,


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