I would like to take this forum to publicly express appreciation to the Officers and Board of Directors of the Lawrence County Historical Commission for their dedication and support of the Lawrence County Archives. Officers Joe Montgomery, Bonita Jones and Rosealee Free as well as Board Members Kendall Bass, Janette Cole, Warren Glenn and Faye Terry took up the obligation and commitment to keep the Lawrence County Archives open while the Lawrence County Commission worked through the process of employing a part-time archivist.

Upon the retirement of long-term archivist Myra Borden, these individuals felt an obligation to keep the doors open during the time the Archives was without an archivist. For over three months these dedicated individuals volunteered their time to assist patrons from throughout the United States as well as citizens of Lawrence County who needed assistance with research in the archives.

The Officers and Board of Directors of the Lawrence County Historical Commission express appreciation to the Lawrence County Commission for granting them permission to volunteer in this capacity. The Lawrence County Commission has a history of supporting the archives and with the newly appointed archivist, Wendy Hazel, by the Lawrence County Commission, we look forward to continued support of this very important entity.

The Lawrence County Archives is a treasure trove of records, books, loose papers, etc. that have been preserved and are open for public review. Assistance is available to individuals who are searching for documentation of family or family events. All patrons are welcome and encouraged to become involved in, and members of the Lawrence County Historical Commission, and become a part of preserving the heritage that is so very important to citizens of Lawrence County as well as others who have ancestors who were a part of this great part of Alabama.

Allen Jeffreys


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